Super duper hyper delicious cocoa chocolate cake<3

Ladies and gentleman today I’m going to present to you a very easy-to-make cake with everything that you like! Hope that you will enjoy it and see you next time BYE!!! ❤


Happy Easter !!! <3

Easters red eggs

Hi again. So guess today for you I prepared some red eggs with natural decorations like three leaves or flower petals and if it is too big you can cut a smaller piece on every shape ❤ But make it simple and make sure that there are sure tied nicely, and cook them on a medium high temperature. So that is it for this week and there will be more next week.

Easters caramelish miracle

Hi ❤

Happy Easter to the people from all around the world!

As for any Easter I would like to show all of you how to make a cake with caramel and a lot of milk. This is a traditional cake and it is usually prepared on Saturday evening so it would be fresh for the Easter Sunday.

For this cake I used ½ dose because it is Easter but the real dose is:

6 eggs

600 g. sugar

600 g. flower

1 backing powder

1 vanilla sugar

For the topping:

1 liter of milk

1 package of coffee creamer

1 package of caramel.

So guys thanks for watching and happy Easter. ❤

Antica`s fun kitchen

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And the third part will be about traditional dishes.